Friday, June 29, 2012

New Improvements Coming on My Blog, Walk On!

One of my greatest  joys has been watching my blog, Walk On, grow.  It is a blog, which reaches out to the past and connects it to the present, as we look forward  to the future.  I am a firm believer that nothing on this earth is new. What we discover, create, or develop  started somewhere in the past.

It is true, whether we want to accept it or not that we are connected to each other.   None of us live on a lonely island by ourselves. Progress, today, is the result of  what  people in the past have started or completed.  Would we have light bulbs,  if Edison had not been a great researcher, or would we have airplanes, if  the Wright brothers had not researched what others considered as impossible, or would women's rights have come in 1920, if Abigail Adams had not made a plea to her husband for the rights of women and the Afro-Americans, or would women even be in Politics, if Sojourner Truth had not stood before an Ohio State Congress and gave her famous speech, Ain't I A Woman?  Where would we all be if the men and women of the past had not  stepped up courageously and struggled to make a difference.

I know there are many men who made contributions to our world, and yet they remain  unknown,  but I have chosen to look at the women who were champions and walked among us––women, who were  unsung heroes. Thus, you will notice some changes in blog design and content.  I am introducing the first change, today.

Because of my specific interest in women who have made a difference in this world,  I have been searching for the suitable song that speaks out encouragement and supports my  heartfelt cry to all women, who are in the process of changing their lives, to Walk On.  The song that I found speaks to my heart. It is sung by Kellie Coffey.  She does a beautiful job of challenging all of us to Walk On!

The song will be posted  at the end of each blog posting to encourage you to keep going, and I sincerely hope it gives you as much courage as it gives me.

Walk On, My Sisters, I say Walk On!

Pat Garcia

Walk On by Kellie Coffey - Permission requested on 28 June 2012. From the album Walk On by Kellie Coffey

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